San Blas Islands, Panama- Dad Ibe Lodge

Dad Ibe is reflective of native design: rustic & authentic.


Dad Ibe Island Lodge is a small & friendly lodge built in a little island of Kuna Yala with direct acces to the Beach  owned and operated by a Kuna Family.


When you visit us we want you to feel at home, and at ease.


At Dad Ibe Lodge, we offer a wide range of activities ; LAND activities from Jungle , and WATER activities from swimming in pristine islands. Whatever your age (even small kids) and condition, we have something beautiful and amazing that you can enjoy and discover.


In our lodge you will take off your shoes, relax and take a meal listening to the sea sounds and learn more about the indigenous culture that reign in the “Comarca" and Caribbean islands of the Kuna Indians in Panama.


We  offers a unique combination of Kuna Indigenous Tradition and Rustic Comfort, with the Peace and Calmness of the Surroundings, in the privacy you are looking for, because we are located in a private island.


 Brinkg your favorite book while you relax, hear natural sounds and visit the Kuna Community to buy the famous and International “Molas" and know a little more about our traditions.


In this harmonious and comfortable environment, you can get a firsthand experience of History, traditions and habits of the local culture.


You can sneak a siesta (Spanish for nap) in the hammock hut, or just spend some time relaxing on your own private hammock, reviewing the day's photos from your digital camera.


Our friendly native staff will become like your own family in no time, a real Indigenous Culture adventure travel event.




Skype: dad.ibelodge




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